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Cheryl Drabova

Cheryl Drabova TEFL Teacher Trainer, TEFL Worldwide Prague

“Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.”

Cheryl is an American originally from Chicago and holds a BBA from Loyola University Chicago. During university she studied abroad in Paris and Rome and was never able to shake that European travel itch. After graduating she was off to Europe again landing in Prague this time. Her intention was to just stay for a year. That was in 1999. She founded TEFL Worldwide in 2003 and has settled permanently in Prague.

Articles By Cheryl Drabova

Why EFL Teacher Jobs Are on the Rise Published 15 Dec 2017

Teaching and traveling around the world sounds like an epic fantasy, right? But the question is, are there really enough EFL teacher jobs out there for English teachers? I mean, do that many people really need to learn English? The short answer is yes,...