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Brian Brinkman

Brian Brinkman Internship Program Consultant - Global Experiences

“There's more beauty in truth, even if it is dreadful beauty.” - John Steinbeck, East Of Eden

Brian is a world traveler and writer. He recently returned from two years of living and traveling in Korea and SE Asia, and is currently planning for the next adventure. He loves live music, Vietnamese food, marathons, and the books of David Foster Wallace. Brian is an Internship Program Consultant at Global Experiences, where he thrives on helping people discover the beauties of travel.

Articles By Brian Brinkman

Guanxi & Face: How to Have A Successful Internship In Shanghai Published 26 Feb 2015

Chances are, since you’ve sought out an international internship in Shanghai, you are well aware that you’re to spend a significant amount of time in a completely different culture. This is, in large part, probably why you have pursued this lif...