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Ashley Meleen

Ashley Meleen

Ashley Meleen is a 23-year-old writer and adventurer with a love for all things Aussie. She spent a semester in Australia studying at the University of Technology, Sydney, where she met people from all over the globe. When she wasn’t in class, she got to explore Australia and New Zealand and blog it. Now she works in technology, daydreaming returning to the land down under and traveling the rest of the world.

Articles By Ashley Meleen

Top 5 Things to Bring Home With You From Australia Published 16 Dec 2013

Before you left for the land down under, your friends probably reminded you not to come back empty-handed. They shouted, “Bring me a boomerang!” or “I want a kangaroo!” before you were even done packing. Hitting the souvenir shops for the folks back ho...