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Ashley Houston

Ashley Houston

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not” –Henry David Thoreau

Midwest at heart, Ashley traversed over 30 countries by the age of 25. Her experiences with language immersion programming activated her passion for international education from a young age. Aside from her time on six study abroad programs, she has a love for solo travel. Ashley has taught Japanese and Spanish and also has a Master’s in Intercultural Relations.

Articles By Ashley Houston

Best Practices for Volunteering with Street Children Published 10 Apr 2015

Want to give back? Looking to help those less fortunate? Awesome, these are great ambitions! You can certainly serve your purpose and drive for giving back and help the less fortunate through volunteering with street children abroad. However, it’s vita...

A Guide to Volunteering with Street Children Abroad Published 31 Mar 2015

Volunteering abroad with street children can be a great way to give back to a community, share your teaching skills, serve as a role model, and have a lot of fun! There are millions of street children in need of attention all over the world, but worki...

A Guide to Language Programs in Japan Published 18 Jan 2015

The Japanese language is very closely tied to Japanese culture in its traditions, customs, and social norms. Those who take the time to invest in learning Japanese will find it extremely valuable for business with Japan’s strong presence in the ...

How To Plan A Trip For Golden Week in Japan: 4 Options Published 13 May 2014

Looking to break away from the classroom during your spring study abroad program? Even though it’s considered Japan’s busiest travel period, Golden Week allows for the perfect opportunity to explore new areas of Japan or Asia. Golden Week in Japan cele...