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Allison Rosewicz

Allison Rosewicz

Allison Rosewicz is an English professor at the Universidad de la Sierra Sur in Miahuatlán, Oaxaca, Mexico. Her partner is a native of the area, and they have a young son who holds dual citizenship in Mexico and the United States. Before living, working, and traveling in Mexico, Allison had the same experiences throughout Asia.

Articles By Allison Rosewicz

A Guide to Studying Abroad in Oaxaca Published 21 Mar 2013

It is one of the very top states for tourism growth in all of Mexico. It is home to a variety of landscapes, climates, and cultures — hot, sunny, surf-worthy beaches on the southwest Pacific coast; crisp, jungle-like mountain regions; small, rus...

Ten Great Reasons To Volunteer Abroad in Mexico

Everyone recognizes Mexico as a world-renowned tourist destination. Many don't realize, however, that this country has more than just tropical beaches with vacation resorts. Mexico is home to a wealth of climates, landscapes, sites, foods, cultures, ar...

5 Pro Tips to Learn Spanish in Mexico

La Vida Dulce—living in Mexico really is the sweet life! Make no mistake: Mexico may share a border with the United States, but the lifestyle in this Latin American country is completely unique. Though Mexico is our neighbor, in many ways it seems a wo...