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12 Awesome Programs to Help You Become a Teacher in Spain

by - Published May 30

Does the sound of clicking castanets make you dream of faraway, sunny shores? Do you live for the bold tastes of saffron-laden paella? Does the sight of ancient palaces and modern art museums coexisting side-by-side send your heart aflutter? Are you passionate bridging the gap between cultures via language exchange? Have you been known to write love songs to tapas? Ever heard of a little thing called teaching English in Spain programs?

blue waters, rocky cutout, Mallorca, Llubí, Spain

Views like these are just your day-to-day as a teacher in Spain.

Sounds like you might be destined to teach English abroad in Spain! We’re here to convince you why (and help you get there). 

What makes Spain an awesome destination for teaching abroad?

There’s a reason why Spain is the third-most-visited country in the entire world: it has everything a traveler could ever dream of. And no, we’re not just talking Antonio Banderas. Here are a few reasons why Spain is an amazing location for teaching English abroad. 

  • The job market. Spain is one of the largest job markets for English teachers in Europe with a lot of demand for English teachers in Spain! It is, however, also very popular and competitive (re: paella) because so many English instructors decide to live there. However, if you’re passionate teaching English in Spain and willing to put in the effort, Spain offers incredible opportunities for English-speaking teachers. Aside from teaching in Spanish international schools, you can also teach at local institutions, at children’s camps, adult-learners, or private tutoring. You may not leave the country a millionaire, but you’ll emerge on the other end of your teaching in Spain experience a more well-rounded and experienced world traveler. 
  • The language. Yes, you’re seeking out teaching English in Spain programs because you want to teach English to Spanish-speakers. But teaching abroad is also a great way for you to learn a language! After all, you’re going to have to know how to communicate with your students, just as much as you’ll need to know how to communicate with your host family, roommates, market vendors, bus drivers, and new friends! Spanish is also one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world, making Spain a great place to fully immerse yourself and learn the lingo, and prepare yourself for other adventures and job opportunities in the future. 
  • The culture. From Arab-inspired archways to flamenco dancing, Spain has it all. Although when you first thing “Europe,” you might think of old, historic landmarks and sweeping palaces, Spain is also home to some world-renowned modern art museums, a hopping nightlife, and hundreds of small towns—each with their own, unique history—just waiting to be discovered. 
  • The food. Pinxtos, paella, and patatas bravas, oh my! It’s perfectly okay to admit that food has a special place in your heart when traveling, especially when it comes to Spanish food. After all, food is an integral part to the Spanish lifestyle and social life, so why not take advantage of all its beautiful, open markets and tapas bars? 
  • The diversity. Each town, city, and region of Spain has its own, unique culture and traditions, filling every corner of Spain with different ways of living. There are also many international travelers and workers living in Spain, making it easy to forge friendships across borders and learn every day from somewhere new. This will not only make for a robust and exciting social life, it will also give you invaluable life experiences that will take you far in your future career and life goals. 

You’ll get to experience all of this and more while earning a living and traveling in Spain.

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View of Barcelona from La Sagrada Familia

Climb to the top of the Sagrada Familia with your time off.

12 programs that want to help you live your teacher in Spain dreams

Do we have you convinced yet? All right, then vamos!

With so many teaching English in Spain programs out there in the world, narrowing down your teaching opportunities in Spain can be overwhelming. After all, you can do everything from teaching in Spain international schools, private tutoring, at local businesses, or at children’s camps - so many choices! Lucky you, that’s why you’ve got helpful friends here at GoAbroad! Here are 12 programs that will help you live out your dreams of being a teacher in Spain. 

ITA logo

1. International TEFL Academy in Barcelona and Madrid

Want to be a teacher in Spain but not yet certified or trained? Join one of the most well-respected TEFL certification companies in the world in Barcelona and Madrid, where you’ll earn your certification while abroad and gain teaching experience. The best part? This program allows Americans to work legally in Spain while also attending Spanish and cultural classes for the year. Learning and working? What could be better!

CIEE logo

2. Teach in Madrid with CIEE

Excited to be a teacher in Spain but a little nervous being a new kid on la calle? Then this is the program for you! CIEE starts off its full-year program with pre-departure TEFL certification and orientations so that you’re completely prepared when you arrive in Spain. CIEE also offers 24/7 emergency support during your entire time abroad, cultural learning opportunities, a €1,000 per month stipend, and the opportunity to fully immerse yourself through a homestay. 

Buildings in Madrid, Spain

No two cities are alike in Spain.

ITTT logo

3. International TEFL and TESOL Training

For the go-getters out there who love a challenge and are hoping to build a career from their teaching English in Spain program, there are programs like International TEFL and TESOL Training (ittt). This intensive program offers students challenging but rewarding coursework and the promise of receiving both TEFL and TESOL certifications. The best part? You can do part of the courses online! This program also offers on-site career training, assistance with resume editing, and interview prep before you get your teaching placements.

Premier TEFL logo

4. Premier TEFL

What’s the best way to really learn another culture? Immersion. Premier TEFL’s program offers its participants teaching opportunities in Spain while also providing a true Spanish lifestyle. You’ll be living with a host family rather than an apartment, and it is here that you’ll be fully surrounded by the Spanish language, as well as delicious food and the Spanish way of life! After settling into your new home, you’ll have nine months of working as a teacher in Spain. 

Greenheart Travel logo

5. Teach English in a Homestay with Greenheart Travel

Greenheart Travel is all connecting its program participants with the world around them. In the case of Greenheart Travel’s teaching jobs in Spain for Americans, this couldn’t be more true. Through this program, your entire teaching experience will be through your homestay, where you’ll live and tutor your homestay family in English. You’ll be able to also practice your own Spanish language skills, as well as really become a part of the local community.

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Inside La Sagrada Familia

Teaching jobs in Spain will answer alllllllll your prayers.

ACT logo

6. International TEFL Certificate Program with ACT

Although primarily based out of Asia, ACT allows students the unique opportunity to earn their TEFL certificate online. This gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of when and where you get certified, and how soon after you can start teaching in Spain! Consider using your freshly minted TEFL certificate to teach in a more far-flung corner of Spain, like the northwest (spoiler: it’s crazy gorgeous).

Interexchange logo

7. Conversation Coach in Spain with InterExchange

Curious that au pair life? InterExchange offers young adults, ages 18-30, the opportunity to live with a Spanish family and tutor the family’s children in English, for approximately 15 hours a week. This opens you up to take on additional teaching jobs as a one-on-one tutor (pro tip: this is the best way to maximize your earnings while living abroad), or simply explore the gorgeous, sun-soaked country around you! 

Spanish Ministry of Education logo

8. Spanish Ministry of Education

The official route to teaching jobs in Spain for Americans is through a Spanish government-funded program. Provided by the Spanish Ministry of Education, this will give you the opportunity to teach Spanish children and/or teens, from kindergarten to high school, for a full year. This program is highly competitive because it guarantees a placement in a Spanish school, anywhere in Spain. Once you’ve completed the program, you will receive an official certificate from the local, regional government (plus all the bragging rights). 

Connect 123 logo

9. Teach Abroad in Spain with Connect-123 Internship & Volunteer Programs

For those teachers who don't just want to teach, but also want to make a difference in their community when they go abroad, consider teaching opportunities in Spain with Connect-123! This program brings English teachers into schools and nonprofit organizations, where they can connect with the locals and build up the community around them. Connect-123 makes a real effort to place you in teaching positions that best suit your skills, strengths, and experience, making for a much more rewarding teaching placement.

Faro De La Isla De Mouro, Santander, Spain

Snap sweet pics. Eat tons of tapas. Teach English in Spain.

Teaching House logo

10. Teaching House CELTA

TH CELTA focuses on language learning and the language learners. When earning your certification in their beautiful center, there will never be more than six trainees per instructor, giving you plenty of individualized training time before you go on to teach English to your Spanish students.

My TEFL Experience logo

11. My TEFL Experience

Looking for that personal touch? My TEFL Experience is a family-run organization that focuses its English classes on young Spanish students hoping to overcome Spain’s economic troubles by making themselves more marketable. AKA, by learning English, they are better-equipped to make a splash in the real world, even if that real world has a hardcore competitive job market. The feeling of helping them along their path can’t be overstated!

Best Programs logo

12. BEST Programs

No, we’re not just saying they're the best, that's actually their name, but BEST Programs is great for those with little to no teaching experience. Regardless of your experience level, BEST Programs will ensure that you're prepared for your classroom with individualized training. So, if you’re new to the world of teaching abroad, or simply want to start at the 101 level instead of honors, consider BEST Programs to become a teacher in Spain.

Next stop: Become a teacher in Spain!

Rocky coastline, Mallorca, Llubí, Spain

Remember these views? As a teacher in Spain you’ll never forget.

Spain is an exciting, vibrant country with incredible people, sights, and experiences just waiting to be explored. The demand for English teachers in Spain also makes it an exciting, competitive work environment. For those just as passionate cultural exploration as they are passionate as a teacher abroad, teaching English in Spain programs are the perfect opportunity. So what are you waiting for? Start applying today! 

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