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Now Hiring! 8 Amazing Teaching Jobs in Europe

by - Published June 15

The many benefits of English teaching jobs in Europe (or anywhere in the world) are no secret. You are immersed in new cultures, your global perspective is ever growing, and you get to witness the beauty of the world while educating young people. Whether you have previous teaching experience or not isn’t important, because many of these English teaching jobs in Europe offer TEFL certification. 

That being said, if you want to teach English in Europe, there’s nothing to hold you back! Get crackin’ on some research, and check out these great ways to become a teacher in Europe. The eight teaching jobs below are based on what 1 million+ unique monthly users are searching for the most on An admiration.

Get these teaching jobs in Europe STAT

ittt logo

1. International TEFL & TESOL Training Throughout Europe

With the TEFL International organization, you don’t have to let the fear of a lack of previous experience or qualifications hold you back from applying to English teaching jobs in Europe. The program welcomes all types of participants and will help you to earn your TEFL certification as a teacher in Europe in a supportive and hands-on atmosphere — score! ITTT offers teaching jobs in a variety of locations, including Spain, Italy, or Greece.

ita logo

2. International TEFL Academy in Germany

Have you ever yearned to experience the best of German culture, cuisine, and language? With the International TEFL Academy’s Germany program, you can earn a living as a teacher in Europe while exploring amazing German cities, like Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, and Cologne. Choosing to teach English in Europe is a great start to launching a career teaching ESL abroad, and joining ITA will grant you access to networking with thousands of other accredited TEFL instructors.


3. PremierTEFL's Program in Ireland

There is much more to Ireland than its rolling green hills; this PremierTEFL program will give you a real taste of everything Ireland has to offer (like why it is great to teach English in Europe). Before you work as an English teacher in Ireland, you will become TEFL certified through an extensively accredited course program in Belfast or Dublin. Then you’ll be well on your way to teaching English in Europe.

interexchange logo

4. InterExchange Conversation Coach Placements in Spain

InterExchange provides unique English teaching jobs in Europe which allow teachers to to live with a Spanish host family in Madrid or Valencia, work as an English tutor, and discover all the sights and excitement that make Spain such a popular destination for teaching in Europe. The program runs for one to three months and is open to all American, Canadian, and European participants. If you’re interested in an affordable and unparalleled cultural exchange program (and some Spanish speaking skills to boot), this is the English teaching job for you!

acle logo italy

5. Associazione Culturale Linguistica Educational (A.C.L.E) in Italy

A.C.L.E. gives aspiring teachers the chance to teach English in Europe during the summer. Through English teacher positions at summer camps located all over Italy, participants have the opportunity to provide English education through music to young Italian students. 

After undergoing the necessary training, teachers will spend the summer teaching English at camps located anywhere from Naples to Rome to Bologna.

ittt logo

6. International TEFL & TESOL Training in France

With this ITTT program based in Paris or Brittany, France, you will have the privilege of experiencing France’s rugged coastlines, ancient towns, and mix of tradition and history. Prospective teachers can earn their TEFL/TESOL certificate run year-round, and don’t need any previous experience to apply to ITTT’s English teaching jobs. Fall in love with the French way of life as you teach English abroad in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

tefl worldwide prague logo

7. TEFL Worldwide Prague in the Czech Republic

Get TEFL certified in the Czech Republic with TEFL Worldwide Prague and you’ll have hundreds of English teaching jobs in Europe at your fingertips. After you spend four weeks in TEFL certificate courses accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education, you’ll feel confident and ready to teach English in Europe, as well as around the world. The best part of all? TEFL Worldwide Prague will provide you with on-going job placement assistance.

geovisions logo

8. GeoVisions Tutoring Positions in France

GeoVisions has long been committed to helping people develop global skills and their program in France is a direct reflection of this mission. One of GeoVisions’ many teaching jobs in Europe entails living with a French host family and spending your time working as an English tutor for the family. Homestays are truly incredible options for teaching abroad that will allow you to appreciate the culture through a very immersive experience — not to mention it is the quickest way to pick up a new language!

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You're ready to teach English abroad in Europe

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Make your dreams come alive while teaching ESL in Europe!

If you’ve always wanted to travel but have never felt like you could make it happen, finding teaching jobs in Europe is an option just waiting to prove you wrong! With any one of these English teaching programs, you will be able to find a real job as a teacher in Europe, and be assured that you’ll be able to see incredible sites along the way. Turn your European dreams into a reality and explore all opportunities to teach English in Europe!

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