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You’re watching the clock right now, aren’t you? Yeah, we see you out there. Wistfully flipping through articles and travel Instagram accounts, tapping your foot, drumming your pen on your desk, sending yet ANOTHER email the flickering fluorescent light in your office or lecture hall. All the while making sure no one — certainly not your supervisor or professor — can see you clearly not working.

Who can blame you for your mind wandering all around the world? Especially when there are so many opportunities, places to go, people to meet, UNESCO World Heritage sites to experience, and incredible overseas jobs for Americans just. Like. You.

Yes — you. YOU!

So, none of this “I can’t” or “It’s impossible” or “Where do I even start?” Because we both know the answers. You can. It’s not. And, here’s who, what, where, and how to get a job overseas.

Who works abroad? 

YOU DO. Or, you will. If that’s not a good enough answer, and you’re looking for the numbers and demographics to back it up (*cough*nerd*cough*), we’ve got your numbers!

, we’ve got a lot newbies snagging overseas jobs for Americans. Over one-third of U.S. expats are living abroad for the first time. And, of those expats, more than 51 percent identify as women. Who run the world? Women.

If you’re feeling a little nervous making the decision to move abroad for work, don’t fret! You’re going to LOVE it. In fact, 84 percent of those newbs abroad are pretty darn satisfied with work and life overseas. If they could do it, clearly it’s not too tough to figure out how to get a job overseas. You’ll find yourself quickly settling in, and although the average American expat only speaks two languages (or is in the process of learning a second language), you’ll find it easy to make friends – both locals and expats!

What we’re really saying here, is there’s nothing to worry . You have the stuff to make your dreams of working overseas a reality, and with so many available jobs in other countries for Americans, there’s no reason to keep putting it off.

What can I do?

What was that all those jobs abroad? Hmmm? Oh, yes, there are tons of opportunities and overseas jobs for Americans, you just need to know where to look. While you’ll be able to find the right fit in any field you’re interested in pursuing (with the right attitude and some serious job-search skills), the following fields are the most popular among U.S. expats and world-wanderers. 

Best overseas jobs for americans in czech republic. Charles bridge at sunset, Prague.

You’re going to want to Czech out these awesome overseas jobs for Americans.

Hospitality Jobs Overseas

If you’re looking for fast-paced work on your feet that really gets you in the thick of local culture while still giving you an international experience working with people from all over the world, working in hospitality abroad is the suite life. Plus, as the tourism sector is growing, it’s an obvious treasure trove of overseas jobs for Americans.

Whether you’re a Gordon Ramsey ready to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire, a Lorelai Gilmore just looking for an inn, or more of a Mariott with this last resort, you’ll find a world of opportunity in the hospitality sector abroad.

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Business/Marketing Jobs Overseas

For anyone wanting to button up and buckle down, there are plenty of jobs in other countries for Americans ready to get down to business. You could say: business is booming abroad! Brush up on your best management practices, polish your cutest pumps, and pre-tie all of your ties for the week. It’s time to get to work!

If you’re a jack of all trades, with a little marketing, a little management, maybe some finance or accounting thrown in, you’re to rock the working world. Just be sure to brush up on a second language — it’s going to come in handy.

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Education Jobs Overseas

Get ready to hit the books, hard. Education placements – whether as an ESL teacher, subject teacher, or administrator – are the most popular overseas jobs for Americans. It’s a great option for career Mr. Feeny’s and hopeful Ms. Honey’s alike. Whether you’ve been in the classroom for years, or you’re just looking for a big change, teaching abroad is the way to go.

Keep in mind that education jobs will require some more preparation on your part. That’s right: you definitely want a TEFL certification. Consider it your ticket around the world.

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Best overseas jobs for americans in new zealand. Hooker valley swingbridge, NZ.

Work hard, play harder in New Zealand with sweet as jobs abroad.

STEM/Research Jobs Overseas

This is a constantly growing field full of overseas jobs for Americans and researchers. Whether you’re wanting to cure the common cold, create the next must-have app or technology, perfect space travel, or just solve for X, working in STEM and research is a great way to get your smarty-pants abroad.

Make your mark on the world while taking the time to explore it. You never know how the practices and processes of a new culture might inspire you in your pursuit of knowledge and innovation! Plus, with so many countries leading the charge across a variety of scientific fields, you’re sure to find a position that fits your area of interest.

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Where can I find jobs in other countries for Americans?

They’ve said it’s impossible, having it all, but you know you can do it! You can live your dream life abroad — working hard and still playing harder. So, where are the most popular countries to find overseas jobs for Americans?

When you take everything into consideration: job opportunities, overall job satisfaction, climate and weather, and that magical unicorn called “work-life balance,” you come up with these four top destinations. 

1. Costa Rica

If you want to take lunch out on the beach, spend your mornings or evenings in the surf, and stuff your face with tamales 24/7, working in Costa Rica is #GOALS. This is the place to be if your number one concern is the weather — and how often you can get outside.

Costa Rica is on everyone’s radar as a top destination. It’s ideal for anyone looking for work in hospitality, education, or conservation/climate research. You’ll be settled in and living pura vida in no time!

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Best overseas jobs for americans in costa rica. parachute over the sea.

Live (and work) pura vida in Costa Rica.

2. Czech Republic

Would you kills for a pils? If happy hour is your favorite hour and you want to wash down the work day with a nice cold one, working in the Czech Republic should be at the top of your list. We know it’s at the top of ours. This is the place to be if you’re looking for a longer-term placement and job security.

The Czech Republic is a fairytale with its cobblestoned streets, castles, and cathedrals, there’s plenty of ways to polka-round with weekends off. If you’re looking to get your start in education, business, or research, you’ll certainly want to Czech it out.

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3. New Zealand

Tramp one day, hang glide the next, then maybe throw in a day on the slopes and an afternoon surfing and you’ve barely scratched the surface of these two islands. Working in New Zealand is an adventurer’s dream. It’s the place to go to master work-life balance.

With plenty of overseas jobs for Americans in conservation and climate research, business and marketing, and a booming hospitality/tourism sector, it may seem like a fantasyland, but working abroad in Middle Earth is totally possible.

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4. Taiwan

Look out, world! Here’s Taiwan! As a business hub on the rise in Asia, Taiwan is the place to go for hopeful Tom Haverford’s looking to become international moguls. This is the country of choice for anyone looking for job satisfaction day in and day out. When you’re not making the big bucks working in business, education, or hospitality, you can take the time to explore Taipei and all the beachy fun Isla Formosa has to offer!

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Get matched with jobs overseas today!

Best overseas jobs for americans in taiwan. Taipei 101 and cityscape at night.

You can make some serious cash monies working and teaching in Taiwan.

How to get a job overseas (step-by-step) 

Alright, let’s really break it down step-by-step how to get a job overseas. We’ve made the check list, now you’ve got to work through it to make your work abroad dreams a reality!

  • Pick a location. No-brainer first step, right? “Peace OUT” ‘Merica, and, “HERE I COME, WORLD!” If our list of four top destinations doesn’t quite fit your fancy, check out these other favored places to work abroad for Americans
  • Vamp your resume. Make sure everything is up-to-date, and every bullet point is carefully curated to Wow your future employer. Don’t forget to include any previous travels you’ve done to really showcase your skills and experience. Yes, that means including study abroad and volunteer abroad experience on your resume, too! 
  • Browse jobs on GoAbroad. Duh, right? Take a peek at our to find your perfect job abroad. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, you can save your favorites to compare them later, side-by-side, with MyGoAbroad to help narrow down your options.
  • Read reviews. Don’t just take our word for it! Read reviews of past participants who’ve done it before you. They’ll have all the best tips for moving to work abroad, an inside look at your future with a particular organization or in a particular country, and have great words of encouragement as you continue this journey. 
  • Apply! Second to last, but certainly not second to least, you’ve got to send in that re-vamped resume and cover letter and actually APPLY for jobs abroad. Cast a wide net! You never know what will or won’t come through.
  • Pack your bags & get to work! No, but seriously. Do it. Did I stutter?

Take your pick of the best overseas jobs for Americans

Go on, y’all— GET! You’ve done it. You’ve secured one of those coveted overseas jobs for Americans, and now it’s time to get to work. If you need a little extra motivation, remember to, “work hard, stay positive, and get up early. It’s the best part of the day.” (George Allen, Sr.)

Make the most of every second you spend working abroad and show those haterz who said it couldn’t be done where they can shove that negativity! 

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