Film Jobs Abroad: Better Than Butter on Your Popcorn

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If you are ready to break into the film biz or if an already burgeoning career in film is becoming your claim to fame, then you know that film is one of the most popular and well-received mediums for storytelling all over the world. Why? Because movies move us. They move us emotionally, but they also have this nonchalant way of calling forth the wanderlust inside of us and inspiring travel.

Old TV sets

VHS tapes may have gone to the wayside, but television jobs abroad are alive and well

When you decide it’s time to let film move you physically, you should set your sights on landing a film job abroad. Technological advancements, coupled with budding creativity and ingenuity of up and comers (like you), has led to an explosion of genres, styles, and other ways of presenting stories through film. This also means an explosion of media jobs abroad. When you get a film job abroad, you will have the opportunity to explore film in a different cultural context and how societies around the world are reinventing themselves through the lens of cinema. 

So stay tuned…because we’re rolling out the red carpet to film jobs abroad:

Ways to get involved in film production abroad

From holding a boom to writing a banging script, there are numerous ways to get involved with film production jobs abroad.


Film volunteer abroad programs manifest in many ways. For example, you can assist with students, teachers, and local filmmakers in workshops and training sessions in an effort to teach and develop technical and creative filmmaking skills and better understand the art of filmmaking and producing.

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Find internships

Film internships abroad come in many shapes and sizes. Seeking out work in a film studio, production house, animation studio, or film company will help you get your foot in the door. You may be using your film skills in a wide variety of arenas, like to help produce promotional material for a non film-focused company or to capture events throughout the new city you find yourself living and working in.

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Seriously. International media jobs are better.

Get jobs in film

Film or television jobs abroad give you the opportunity to gain practical film production experience in addition to insights into the differences of film production around the world. Whether you would like experience it all, or zone in on one aspect—like drawing storyboards, writing scripts, scouting locations in pre-production, or being part of the camera, lighting, or sound crews—an international film job abroad will be incredible adventure of learning, growth, and finding even more passion in your career.

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Popular places to find film jobs abroad

Film extends to nearly every part of the globe, but here are the top spots to find international media jobs abroad that will also leave you starstruck with your new scenery and make your whole life feel like a movie:


Film jobs in Europe will be a more cultivated experience than anything you could come close to at home. While Hollywood is largely money-driven and celebrity-obsessed, the European film industry is all preserving the sacredness of the artistry of filmmaking. Europeans were the pioneers of the motion picture industry and continue to be top dogs in ingenuity in film. While France claims to have invented the whole concept of cinema, the storied past of Italian cinema has always been something of a legend—holding the record for the most Oscars in the foreign film category. 


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Take your first step towards greatness.


Indian cinema is the world's largest film industry in terms of film production and Bollywood is its largest film producer. Furthermore, Bollywood is one of the biggest film industries in the world in terms of the number of people employed. Sooo, yes, it’s time to check out filming jobs abroad in Bollywood. Jai ho!

East Asia

Despite strict government censorship, the Chinese film industry has not been deterred from cranking out landmark blockbusters. China has the fastest growing film market in the world, which means a huge influx of international film production jobs abroad. In addition, Taiwan and South Korea are also emerging as main players in the film industry, deeming East Asia a hot spot for film jobs abroad. 

New Zealand

It’s not hard to understand why New Zealand is such a popular destination for filmmakers with its breathtaking and dramatic landscapes. Many films, including The Lord of The Rings, Avatar, and The Chronicles of Narnia were shot and co-produced in New Zealand. Getting a film job abroad in New Zealand enables you to live out your Middle Earth fantasy as well as get some hands-on experience in the industry. The country’s popularity as a filming location has brought many international production companies to New Zealand, giving many people aspiring to work in film huge job opportunities.

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The previews: Better your chances of getting film production jobs

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Get behind the scenes.

If you have ever dreamed of a career in the industry, or have scratched and clawed your way in, you know that it is a highly competitive arena and you must have the right mix of creativity, tenacity, and perseverance. In this notoriously competitive market, here’s how to stand out when applying to entertainment jobs abroad: 

  • Cover Letter and Portfolio. A cover letter is likely your chance at a first impression, so don’t just throw something together willy-nilly. Make sure your cover letter is clean, simple, and highly specific to the job. Also, having proof of your work goes a long way with employers, so a portfolio can be immensely beneficial in setting yourself apart.
  • Network. It’s all who you know, and this is even truer in the entertainment industry. The good thing is that in such a tough industry to crack, most people are happy to dish out advice. Remember, the person you are talking to will have been in your shoes and if someone says they can't help, ask them if they know someone who can.
  • Master your craft. Never stop never stopping. Keep learning. Ask questions. Attend workshops. Want to be a scriptwriter? Write scripts. Want to be a director? Get a group together and direct a short film. Employers are more likely to give you a shot if you have something to show for your passion rather than just talking the talk.
  • Don’t be afraid to start at the bottom. It might not be glamorous, but entry level positions are an “in.” They will build up your skill set, your reputation, and probably a thicker skin, as well as helping you develop a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the film production business. Meanwhile, you can keep honing your craft (see above) while surrounding yourself with the people that can help you get to the next level (again, see above).

Stick to this script and you’ll see your name rolling in the credits in no time. 

Our favorite film jobs abroad right now

Man behind camera

Learn new skills, bolster your resume, become the long lost Coen brother, maybe?

When you’re up on stage giving your acceptance speech at the Oscars, you won’t want to forget to thank GoAbroad for this inspiring article that moved you to pursue your film dreams abroad, and for giving you a list of our favorite film jobs abroad for you to take advantage of right now: 

1. Get your foot in the door with Performing Arts Abroad in France

This program gives you the opportunity to explore and live in Paris during an intensive filmmaking workshop. You will train in the art of filmmaking and work with industry professionals from Paris and other major cities famous for their cinematography. Under the mentoring of experts, you will get to write screenplays as well as direct, produce, and edit your own film with high-end equipment, all while using Paris as the backdrop. You will also get to spend time on cinema-centric cultural activities, including a weekend trip to Festival d’Avignon—one of the world’s most important contemporary performing arts events.

2. Explore your artistic eye with Knowledge Must in China

Art displayed through the medium of film, has always been a great way of expressing one’s culture and way of thinking. The opportunity to share your own cultural roots and China’s ability to share her culture with you through film will surely become an enriching experience for you as an artist and further develop your artistic abilities. This program supports artists in putting their talents to good use and expand their horizons while providing a platform that connects filmmakers while finding and securing the best suited jobs and opportunities.

3. Break a leg with Performing Arts Abroad in Italy

In this program based in Florence, you will go train in filmmaking under the guidance of industry professionals from the New York Film Academy. After taking the time to thoroughly immerse yourself in Italy’s natural beauty and entrenched heritage, you will be primed to begin with intensive film training sessions and workshops. From day one, you will write, direct, produce, and edit your own films using advanced equipment and all with the stunning scenery of Florence in the background.

Two smiling girls

Stardom is in your future!

4. Hone your storytelling skills with Film in Action in Costa Rica

This filmmaking program, focusing specifically on documentaries and storytelling, is a unique opportunity for aspiring filmmakers, journalists, photographers, or anyone interested in community media, international development, and travel. Combining theoretical workshops and immersive practical experience of filmmaking with Costa Rican community groups enables you to produce moving, narrative-driven films. This will be an incredible opportunity to see community media in action and to use documentary filmmaking to shine a light while learning filmmaking and international development.

5. Take action with Red Tree Study in Columbia

This program is calling all ambitious and enthusiastic filmmakers keen to develop practical and technical production skills through hands-on work experience. The program offers wide range of specializations, enabling participants to choose from production, camera, sound, lighting, and animation, to sales and marketing, distribution, or post-production. Gain fantastic practical experience with top film and media companies in Latin America and contribute to the development of the Colombian film industry at a time when it is undergoing rapid growth and investment.



Film has long been a powerful force for probing people ask questions, start discussions, and bring major changes. That being said, there may be challenges and obstacles you face in a career in film, especially abroad, but the rewards make the legwork, long hours, and lessons learned more than worthwhile. Ready to take the plunge into a film job abroad? Andddddd...ACTION!

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