STEM Internships for College Students Who Want to Internationalize Their Resume

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Superb Tantalizing Excellent Magnificent! If you’re a STEM student, you know this acronym is filled with equal parts fun and difficulty. This conglomerate of hard science superpowers (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is taking over the educational world, and students are lining up to take advantage of the 4-for-1 interdisciplinary combo. 

With its focus on solving practical real-world challenges, internships in science for college students are a critical component of any STEM program worth its salt. STEM internships for college students are opportunities to explore the diverse ecosySTEMs and political sySTEMs of the world while gaining practical work experience in your chosen STEM field #doublewin. 

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Einstein street art

Einstein himself said it best, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” So, smarty pants, go abroad and have fun! 

Why STEM majors need international experiences

As an aspiring scientist-technologist-engineer-mathematician, you probably look for solid evidence before making major decisions like jutting off to find internships in science for college students, and you’re not wrong. So, let’s break things down a bit...

Exhibit A: Unbeatable Work Experience. Internships abroad are THE way to take your resume to the next level, and wow recruiters after graduation. You want you to have a good job. Your parents (and nosey distant relatives) want you to have a good job. Summer STEM internships get you one step closer to being employed beyond your wildest dreams.

Exhibit B: Well-Rounded Education. Though STEM covers four disciplines, there’s still a lot it doesn’t touch. Taking your STEM-y skills out for a test drive in new international contexts will deepen your knowledge and understanding of the real communities and ecosystems that are impacted by your work.

Exhibit C: FUN! Getting in your summer STEM internships for college students doesn’t have to mean miserable summers trapped in a basement lab 50 hours/week. Science internships for college students abroad combine the same rigorous research with the joy of discovering new cultures and cuisines. Yum!

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STEM internships for college students are powerful learning experiences, resume toppers, and opportunities for personal development. That proof’s as positive as an atom missing an ion. 

Here are a few great STEM research internships for college students you don’t want to miss:

man looking into microscope

Put your time abroad under the microscope, we guarantee you’ve grown some culture.


Science internships for college students are as diverse as science itself. When in doubt, choose an opportunity that gets you one step closer to what you want to be when you grow up.

Animal Sciences / Zoology & Wildlife Sciences

Calling all animal lovers! Marine biology internships will have you swimming with dolphins and high-fiving turtles, while animal science programs and wildlife zoology programs take you further inland to where the company is of the furry and feathered variety.

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Medical Sciences

Are you passionate alleviating suffering the world over? Taking up a medical profession is a powerful way to lend a hand in people’s internal and intestinal struggles. The medical world is vast, so if you’re looking for something a bit more specialized, check out internships in biomedical science, kinesiology, food science, and health sciences.

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Information Sciences

For four-year-old library prodigies like Mathilda (and later bloomers), STEM internships for college students in library and information science is like a dream come true: aisles of ancient books, the sweet silence of readers lost in another world. Master the Dewey decimal system in the magic of a foreign destination when you choose an information science program over other undergraduate summer research opportunities.

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plants in beakers

You and your STEM career will bloom abroad.


In the fast-paced world of technology, research internships for college students are a great way to tune in to the global techie pulse and up your professional game. Whether it’s computers or other devices that make your heart sing, our planet is filled with interesting hard/software to study and improve upon. 

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Computer Science

Take a break from behind the screen to discover computer science from a new perspective overseas. Computers speak the same language the world over, so you’ll have plenty to bond over with your new international friends.

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Other Tech Internships 

Technology is, by definition, global – so to study it from one place would be an injustice to the diverse international network it creates. Internships, Other Tech (the other IoT) are a great way to build your resume and your skills.

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coding on computer screen

There’s no perfect code for STEM internships abroad, but the resulting application is just as fun and beautiful. 


If you’re an engineering student, you probably already know that you can engineer just anything: tractors, electrical networks, computers, cocktails, dance parties... But you’ll never know the true universe of possibilities with an engineering degree, until you put your studies to work during STEM internships for college students. Whether you’re a genius of the chemical, mechanical, civil, electrical, or other variety, explore your horizons with summer STEM internships. 

Chemical Engineering

If you’re into transporting and transforming chemicals like any passionate chemical engineering student, why not experiment with transporting and transforming yourself with an internship overseas? Sign up before all the best research opportunities Argon!

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Mechanical Engineering

The mechanics of interning abroad may be tricky, but they’re no match for mechanical engineering whizzes! Take your love of mechanics overseas to discover a whole new world of machinery and gain invaluable work experience.

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Civil Engineering

All disciplines of engineering can be humanitarian, but civil engineering work is particularly in tune with human users. Learn to design cityscapes and rural bridges across the world, and gain new perspective on communicating with stakeholders and cross-cultural collaboration with a civil engineering internship abroad.

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Electrical Engineering

Interning in electrical engineering abroad is sure to be a livewire of new ideas and energy. Pack your plug converters, and dive into the complex electrical networks of a new country! Circuit properties may be the same everywhere, but expect plenty of new things to discover all around you.

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doctors and surgeons in dark OR

There’s no way to doctor international experience on your resume, so you might as well sign up for STEM internships abroad.


Math is the original border crosser. You can intern in mathematics anywhere from Argentina to Romania, and eiπ + 1 = 0 will still be true. 

Bonus: less is lost in translation when you do your summer STEM internships in math!

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Summer STEM Internships

Are you squeezing all the learnin’ you can out of those long summer days? Make the most of your summer vacations with STEM internships for college students. By the time you head back to school in the fall, you’ll have a sparkling resume and a new passion for your field of study. 

STEM students are infamous for having heavy academic schedules (because, duh, four subjects in one!). That’s what makes summer STEM internships so great: they won’t take a moment away from your semester course load. Even the busiest students have time over summer break, and you’d be remiss not to take full advantage of undergraduate summer research opportunities!

Undergraduate Summer Research Opportunities are Calling Your Name

Hey you! Yeah, you, in the glasses and lab coat! Inspired to discover the best STEM internships for college students? It’s time to let your stems carry you around the world in the name of science and learning. Onward and upward!

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