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Here are our best tips for how to be the best intern abroad

Interning abroad for the first time can seem overwhelming and no one knows that better than we do. That’s why we scoured our expert articles directory to come up with a comprehensive resource of the best internship advice for your first foray into the (international) work force.

Interning abroad is more than just your run-of-the-mill international program You’re there to get valuable work experience and learn – yourself, your host culture, your chosen industry and career path, and the world at large. You’re going to work hard, play hard, and explore far and wide. It won’t be easy, but we think you’re up to the task.

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With this ebook in your back pocket, you’re ready to get right to work and rock their socks off!

So, ask yourself:

Are you ready to intern abroad? 

Yes? No? Definitely? Probably...

What are your first steps? How do you make the most of this experience? 

You want to know how to be the best intern they’ve ever SEEN. 

How important is knowing the language before you get there? 

Wait—there’s a language requirement? (Breathe, it’s okay, we’ve got you covered.)

The list of questions to ask before preparing to intern abroad just gets longer and longer the more you think it. But, we’ve already thought it. In fact, at GoAbroad we’ve thought it for 20+ years in the field, and we’ve learned a few things in all that time.

As part of GoAbroad’s mission to provide the best and most comprehensive resources for meaningful travelers, our writers share their best intern abroad tips every step of the way.

With tips like these:

Don’t make the mistake of only reading the fine print of that email contract. You also need to reflect and consider on things like where you’re going, what the business culture is like, how you integrate yourself in your new place of work, how likely you are to win intern of the year.” 

- Matt Arnerich, 9 Non-Work Related Things to Consider Before Accepting an Internship Abroad

And sage internship advice like this: 

Doing an internship abroad is going to be worth dealing with every single frustrating or mildly annoying person. Especially considering you’re bound to encounter those in any job you work post interning abroad, anyway. The truth is, you’ll encounter far more of the helpful, inspiring people while interning abroad than you will the duds listed here.” 

- Erin Oppenheim, 10 People You’ll Meet Interning Abroad

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For your first internship experience, it’s important to be fully prepared—that’s where this ebook comes in handy.

Tips for interns to guarantee success

You don’t have to take our word for it, but you should definitely take our writers’ words for it. They’re the experts with real experience and all the best info on how and when to apply, the best possible program options for you, funding options, and anything you might need to know. So, now you can go out into the working world and really soak it all in!

Interning abroad soon? This ebook is DEFINITELY for you. Snag your free download now and take advantage of all this great international internship advice at the touch of a button!

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