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Becky studied abroad in Spain last semester, Jackson interned abroad in China, Mary got TEFL certified and taught in Colombia, and Jane’s been volunteering all across the African continent (like, who can even keep up with her anymore?). Left and right all your friends have found their perfect travel program, but what you? 

You’re still just sitting there? Are you seriously going to rewatch Parks and Rec for the umpteenth time? You could be going on the adventure of a lifetime! With so many different styles and foci, there’s definitely a travel program out there for you. Seriously, what are you waiting for?

Why choose world travel programs? 

Sure, you can “rough it” so to speak and strike out on your own. You can make all your own travel arrangements, hostel hop, couchsurf, or stay in hotels or AirBnBs. You can read guidebooks left and right and try to find the most authentic experiences. It’s possible, but are you starting to get a little bit of a stress rash thinking it? I know I am. 

The great thing travel programs—for college students in particular—is that you know you’ll have an immersive experience without all the stress and hassle of having to figure it all out on your own. And, if this is your first time going abroad, you’ll have a great support system of in-country coordinators to help you out if you get more than a little lost, or get a cold, or just need someone to talk to and process your experience with. 

Bottom line, the best way to travel deeper (not just wider) is to invest in a travel program. Our meaningful travel experts have the DL on how to pick the right travel program for you. 


People don’t take trips, trips take people.”  - John Steinbeck

Let’s chat international travel programs, baby!

Study, volunteer, intern, teach abroad. Get your TEFL certification. Master a language. And, Make a difference.

We’re here to tell you how GoAbroad can simplify your travel program search. Yup, it’s true. At GoAbroad, we LOVE travel. And, we’re kind of obsessed with helping others do it. That’s why we put this how-to video together to help you find the one — travel program, that is.

[Here are all the steps you need to pick the right program abroad for you.]

Step 1: Write down your goals 

Okay, first things first. You want to identify your goals. Put down your phone. Now, I see you opening up that Notes app, mmhmmm, NO. Pencil. Paper. Physically write down your ideas. 

Step 2: Narrow down your interests and pick a TYPE of travel program

So you can pic a study abroad program if you want to earn credit for college. It could be an internship if you want to earn credit AND work experience. You can learn a language if you’re obsessed with bilingualism. Look back at your goals and make sure this type of travel can help you accomplish them. 

map and field notes with backpack and camera

Narrowing down your location and program type is top priority.

Step 3: Choose a location

The location—which, in my opinion, is the most exciting part. Location, location, location! When looking at different places, start with regions, cross reference your interests and types of programs, and start narrowing down destinations. Once you’ve chosen a country, then look at cities that are most interesting to you.


Step 4: Sort through your program options

The next step is sorting through programs and here is where An admirationes in.  There are literally thousands of programs out there, and when you get on the internet and start googling, you will most likely feel extremely overwhelmed by all of them. But, our resources are really, really helpful. 

You can try using our online advisor—who will recommend five to six programs that match your interests.  There’s MyGoAbroad—and this tool allows you to bookmark programs that catch your eye, and later compare, side-by-side, all the programs you chose! And REVIEWS. Reviews, reviews, and reviews! Read as many reviews as you can. No joke, they are so helpful. If you really want to get a good understanding of the experience that a program offers, you’ll definitely want to reference program reviews. A lot.

Step 5: Reach out to the different organizations and get a feel for them

The next thing you can do, is reach out. Figure out which organizations fulfill your needs. So, when you get in touch with them, you can ask to speak to alumni, you can ask to correspond with your new potential advisor, 


Step 6: Weigh the costs

Before you select your final program, you have to consider your pocketbook! You know, ask yourself, what would the costs include? [Cost] of the program, of your day-to-day expenses, flights, if you want to do some extra traveling while you’re abroad, general cost of living, etc…

But, you know, don’t freak out, there are easy solutions to help you offset these costs. There are scholarships of all different shapes, sizes, and colors. [There’s] FundMyTravel to help you fundraise for your trip with the help of friends and family. And, get a job, of course! 


backpacker at Mercer bay, New Zealand

You can’t get here without putting in the elbow grease here 👇.

Step 7: Talk with family and friends— maybe they can help!

Because when it comes down to your top two programs, they can definitely offer you insight to help you make that final, final decision. Don’t roll your eyes! Your parents have seen a lot, and it so it really doesn’t hurt to ask them for some of their input. 

Step 8: Pick the one that is the best for you

If you’re really really desperate and racking your brain, at this point eeney meeney miney mo has a great track record.


Step 9: Go go go!

You’re probably very nervous all of this, but it’s not as scary as it sounds. Just don’t worry, you can make this decision, and you’ll have a great experience! Don’t worry the time you’ll be away or how much you think you’ll be missing out with friends back home. Once you just get out there you are going to be exposed to so many sights and sounds, and people and places, and languages and music, and just be immersed in a completely new environment. The entire experience will nurture your spirit and you are going to grow exponentially by the time your program is done.

Good luck! And, have fun. 

Now all you have to do is just pack your bags, go out there, see the world and travel like you mean it!

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More resources to help you pick world travel programs

There’s no such thing as too much research when it comes to narrowing down travel programs for college students. Here’s a little more to help you out! 

- Remember, an Online Advisor can help select a few programs for you.

- MyGoAbroad allows you to compare your favorites side-by-side and make that final decision. 

- Our expert travel articles directory will give you the downlow on EVERY kind of experience abroad.

walking across Charles Bridge, Czech Republic

If you want to chase romantic views like these, you gotta take all the necessary steps to find your travel program.

- Here are a few we think you should check out: 

- We also have an Ebook Library filled with tons of great info on different kinds of travel.

With so much right at your fingertips, choosing a travel program is easier than ever! 

How far will you go on your travel program?  

From the far stretches of the Middle East and Asia, down to the southernmost tip of South America, or out on the savanahs of Africa. There’s no limit to the incredible experiences you can have with world travel programs. So, where do you think you’ll go? How far? Start your search, and find out! 

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