10 Best Places to Get Your Masters in Europe in 2018

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For most grad students, study abroad in Europe doesn’t last very long. At least, it may last a few weeks. At most, it may last a year. Are you so hooked that you’d like to stay there forever (well not forever, but at least to the end of your masters in Europe)? It can happen!

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Hit the ground running by getting a masters degree in Europe today!

A masters degree in Europe is for the student who’s in it for the long haul. First, decide on your preferred subject and choose top universities in Europe for your masters. On the other hand, you can decide on the country you’d really like to go to and then decide on your research area. You may also find it important to consider student visa requirements, the cost of getting and living there, and opportunities to work or intern while you’re there. 

Going to graduate school in Europe is a huge investment with big dividends. Afterward, you’ll gain a leg up in the international job market, show that you can navigate another country’s culture, and even pick up a foreign language or two. What are you waiting for? Here are the 10 best places for graduate school in Europe in 2018!

1. Spain

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Perfect the art of taking a siesta between post-grad classes in Spain.

Looking for a European aventura? Why not get a masters degree abroad in Spain? This country is blessed with excellent weather, lots of swimmable coastline, a distinct culture that gave the world Dali and flamenco, and glorious tapas. Get fluent in the native tongue (or even do a masters in Spanish language and literature) while you’re there to feed two birds with one scone. Study at top-ranked unis in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, or Cordoba. 

Recommended program: Get a masters degree in Europe with UCAM

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2.  Switzerland


Pick up more languages while getting your masters in Switzerland—the perfect souvenir from your life abroad.

Who wouldn’t want to study in this internationally-minded country that boasts of not one but FOUR official languages? Switzerland is the number one European master degree destination for international relations and diplomacy majors. Popular locations with international students include Zurich, world financial center (Swiss bank accounts, anyone?), Bern, home to a UNESCO-protected city center, and Geneva, HQ of the UN and other international NGOs. 

Recommended program: Get your MBA with IMI in Switzerland

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3. France

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You’ll have to fuel up for focusing during your European master degree, no? French cuisine is here for you.

If you’re a humanities student, big French names run amok in almost any field, from Descartes to Sartre. Sign up for a masters program in Europe at some of the world’s oldest universities and grandes écoles like Sorbonne in Paris or quality institutions in Lyon or Aix-en-Provence. France is particularly popular for masters courses in Europe in business, culinary arts, fashion design, and merchandising. 

Recommended program: Get your MBA with American Business School Paris

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4. Eastern Europe & Russia

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Delve into fascinating Russia and Eastern Europe while getting schooled!

Although a lot of international students think Western Europe is the s*** when it comes to getting a masters in Europe, if you want to go off the academic trail a bit, try Eastern Europe and Russia. Since the breakup of the Soviet Union, countries in this region have started to woo more international students. Russia is the big kahuna here, with top universities in Europe for masters in cities like St. Petersburg and Moscow. Other popular countries to do your masters program in Europe include Eastern gems like Poland, Hungary, and Bulgaria. 

Recommended program: Do masters degree programs in Europe with the University of Tartu

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5. England

Oxford University

We dare you to find another country with more beautiful settings for international postgraduate degree study than England.

England is no push-over when it comes to higher learning. Although small in size, this European nation is a powerhouse when it comes to academia. It’s the country that gave the world Shakespeare and Stephen Hawking, for Pete’s sake! When it comes to getting your masters in Europe, there’s so much more to England than Oxford and Cambridge. Study in global-village London where you can find a university almost around every corner or in quintessentially British cities like Bath and Manchester. 

Recommended program: Study for masters in Europe in English at Queen Mary University of London

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6. Netherlands

Canal in the Netherlands

The biggest challenge of getting your masters abroad in Europe? Not getting distracted by all the pretty sights!

Art majors will love this graduate school in Europe destination, birthplace of Van Gogh and Rembrandt. International students in the Netherlands can pursue masters programs in Europe in almost any field, from accounting to zoology. Like Switzerland, the Netherlands is very globally minded and many locals speak Dutch and two other foreign languages (at least one of which is English). Study in Amsterdam (more than just the original stoner capital), Rotterdam, and the Hague.

Recommended program: Get a European master degree with Rotterdam Business School

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7. Western Europe

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Graduate school in Europe is your ticket to a bright future.

Western Europe is an absolute mecca for international students, spanning from Scandinavia in the north to Italy in the south. Top universities in Europe for masters are located in the UK, France, Spain, Germany, and Italy. If you decide to study here, you’re also bound to become fluent in another language, be it Portuguese, Swedish, or Dutch. Popular programs include language studies, international business, political science, and international relations.

Recommended program: Get your masters in Europe at SACI

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8. Italy

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Learn your Balenciaga from your Versace while getting a masters degree in Europe.

It’s hard to find an international student that doesn’t dream of getting their masters degree in the land of wine, pasta, pizza, and gelato. Some of the best places to get your masters abroad in Italy include Rome, Milan, Bologna, and Florence. Italy remains a popular destination for students pursuing fashion and merchandising, the Italian language, art, architecture, and business. 

Recommended program: Go to graduate school in Europe with IED

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9. Germany

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Get a hands-on higher education in Germany, one of the cheapest places to get a masters in Europe!

Deutschland is Goliath when it comes to international study abroad destinations. International students flock to the birthplace of Kant, Hegel,and Nietzsche because of the high quality and low cost of its academic programs. Study for a masters in Europe for free (or almost free!) in cosmopolitan Berlin, Bavarian jewel Munich, and business capital, Frankfurt. Popular programs include physics (and other sciences), mechanical engineering, and liberal arts. 

Recommended program: Get a masters degree in Europe with Macromedia UAS

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10. United Kingdom

Scottish highlands castle

Your research center probably won’t be this castle, but that’d be cool wouldn’t it?

If you can’t be bothered to learn another language, why not get a masters in English? Do note that the UK is not just England. If you choose to get your masters degree abroad there, there are loads of places to choose from. Study at old and new higher learning institutions in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Belfast, Swansea, and Bangor.  On weekends, check out rugged cliffs, music festivals, local pubs, and cute little villages. 

Recommended program: Get a European master degree with King's College London

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