10 Best Places to Get Your Masters in Asia & the South Pacific in 2018

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Getting a masters degree is a lifetime commitment so why not push the envelope even more by earning it overseas? Also, instead of applying to grad school in the Americas or Europe like everyone else, consider becoming a postgrad student in Asia and the South Pacific. You’ll be spoiled for choice if you decide to go to grad school in two of the world’s leading regions for higher education. 

Landscape shot of green terraced rice paddies

Experience a whole new world while getting your masters in Asia and the South Pacific!

When it comes to postgrad programs, a masters in Asia is truly for the ambitious. Study at the best universities in Asia in China and Japan or in globally ranked colleges in Singapore. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, try off the beaten track campuses in India and Thailand. In general, the language of instruction depends on the country of origin but you can find lots of programs taught in English in Asia.

If you want to avoid major language barriers, rest assured that there are lots of places to get your masters in the South Pacific. Earn a masters degree in Australia for international students at the Universities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Queensland. Beyond down under, get qualified at prestigious universities in New Zealand and at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji. 

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1. Asia

Miniature Buddha statues on a wooden table 

Discover your true zen while going to grad school in Asia.

This continent cannot be beat if you’re looking for a masters in Asia. Find the best universities in Asia in Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Seoul. However, if you’re not too confident going to university where programs are taught in a foreign tongue, choose to attend English-speaking universities in Asia instead. This region is also one of the more affordable ones for grad school so you’ll have plenty of cash left over to travel and slurp noodles ‘til you drop!

Recommended program: Get your masters degree abroad with APU Malaysia

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2.  China

Young adults sitting on grass looking at laptops

Make friends and learn a new language while studying in China.

Who doesn’t dream of studying in a country that’s ancient and modern at the same time? You’d be hard-pressed to find a country as diverse as China when it comes to higher education in Asia. Get fluent in Mandarin in no time while studying international relations in Beijing or get clued up in Cantonese while trawling the university library in Hong Kong. If you’re interested in international business and TESOL, check China off the list for quality postgrad degrees as well. 

Recommended program: Get your masters abroad at Peking University HSBC Business School

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3. Australia

Sydney Opera House at night

This could be the view from your study sesh if you study in Sydney.

If you want multicultural campuses with Aussie flair, sign up for a masters in Australia for international students. Straya serves up some of the best universities on the planet, in student-friendly cities like Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne. Australia is also great for English-speaking students because the language of instruction is, you guessed it, English! Even though it can get expensive studying abroad in Australia, there are lots of scholarships out there so find one with your name on it!

Recommended program: Get your masters with James Cook University

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4. Japan

Japanese people on a train

Want to learn what Japan’s really like? Get your masters in the land of the rising sun!

Want to reach N1 proficiency level in Japanese in record time? Ace this difficult language test by going to grad school in Japan! Study international business and the sciences in hopping Tokyo and Osaka or seek quiet contemplation at leafy campuses in Kyoto. Studying abroad in Japan for two or three years will not only ensure that you’re fluent in the native language but also that you’ll develop a deeper understanding of Japanese cultural norms.

Recommended program: Go to grad school in Japan with the University of Tokyo

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5. South Korea

Bridge over a pond leading to a temple

Getting your degree in Korea might be the most colorful thing you ever do!

Located next door to Japan is South Korea. Recently, this country has been getting major global exposure because of its highly infectious K-pop culture. Go further than most of your Korea-obsessed friends by getting a masters in Asia in the land of the morning calm. South Korea is the perfect place to study the Korean language and culture as well as delve into civil engineering, business, and music postgrad programs. Even if you think you can’t afford it, there are lots of South Korean universities’ scholarships, so start applying ASAP!

Recommended program: Earn your masters with Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

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6. The Middle East

Falconer with a falcon perched on his arm

Earn serious cool points by getting your masters in the Middle East.

Although many students won’t touch the Middle East with a ten-foot pole, don’t let mainstream media scare you. Yes, there is ongoing conflict in certain parts but there’s also a lot to explore when it comes to higher education in this highly complex and often misunderstood region. Get your masters while immersing yourself in the world’s cradle of civilization and challenging your stereotypes and misconceptions. Study almost any subject under the desert sun in countries like the the United Arab Emirates (UAE) or Israel. 

Recommended program: Get your masters with American University of Beirut

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7. Thailand

Female dancer dressed in traditional Thai costume

Want to do a masters degree abroad? The Land of Smiles welcomes you!

If you’re looking to step outside your comfort zone, why get a masters in Australia when you can go to grad school in Thailand? This is one of the most influential countries and popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a proper masters degree there too. Most students go to universities in Bangkok but you can also sign up for postgrad programs in Nakhon Pathom, Pathum Thani, and Samut Prakan. Thai is the main language of instruction at many universities but some also offer programs in English.

Recommended program: Get an international MBA in Bangkok

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8. India

Man cutting fruit in India

Go off the beaten track by earning your postgrad degree abroad in India.

If you’re thinking of getting a masters in Asia, jai ho, India! This South Asian nation reveres learning and has the third largest higher education system in the world! It’s much cheaper to go to school here than get a masters in Australia and bonus, programs are also offered in English. New Delhi is the big kahuna when it comes to universities and grad schools but don’t discount Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai. However, brace yourself for some serious culture shock because things are done a whole lot differently in India.

Recommended program: Go a graduate diploma with the Indian School of Business and Finance

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9. New Zealand

Sheep grazing in a field

Don’t be sheepish getting your masters abroad in New Zealand.

When all your friends are getting a masters in Australia, go against the grain at universities in New Zealand. The North and South islands are not only stunning to the human eye but also home to quality grad schools. Study at the world-famous University of Auckland or on the beautiful campus of the University of Canterbury in Christchurch. Head down south to student-friendly Dunedin to study at the University of Otago, the country’s oldest college. Popular postgrad programs in Kiwiland include environmental science, communications, and business. 

Recommended program: Get a masters degree in New Zealand with TEAN

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10. Israel

Mans legs in dead sea

Attending a university in Israel? Don’t be afraid to dive right in.

For such a young country, Israel has a lot of great universities. Many have leading academic research facilities, making this Middle-Eastern country a fascinating place to get your masters degree abroad. Study in the historic and holy capital, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, also the nation’s top college. Hipster students will also fall in love with Tel Aviv, one of the world’s leading hubs for innovation and technology and an all time favorite of the digital nomad crowd. 

Recommended program: Get your masters with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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